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Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson Top the Highest (Deceased) Earners

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It is somewhat macabre, but Forbes list Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley as the highest earning (dead) celebrities.
In the past year, The King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson (RIP) has pulled in  $160 million for his his estate, and family while The King and general 50s rock icon Elvis Presley came second, with a smaller but impressive income of $55 in the past year.
Jackson pulls in his money from royalties from the sale of his own music, plus the rights to The Beatles’ back catalogue, which still pulls in large, as well as a couple of Cirque Du Soleil shows which use the Jackson name: “Immortal” and “One” which is performed at The Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Presley generates most of his cash from branded products, licensing deals (such as the income generated from Elvis Slot Machines) and tours of his Graceland home.
Incredibly, Jackson even out-earns the living stars, such as Madonna, (although she come close). Just Beat it, Madge!
Other high earners from beyond the grave are Bob Marley ($18m), John Lennon ($12m)
Jackson takes the No. 1 spot on the Forbes list from his life-long friend Elizabeth Taylor. The movie star, who sadly died in 2011, pulled  a $200 million fortune  in the 12 months to October 2012 thanks to a series of auctions at Christie’s of Taylor’s art, jewels and clothes. This year her earnings fell to around $25 million, landing her in 4th place.
Who is managing all this stuff? Their estates and families have been busy, I guess.

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