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New Elvis Presley Interview Unearthed. The Young Man With The Big Beat

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He may have been the heartthrob for thousands of women around the world, but Elvis Presley suffered from loneliness as a young man, according to a never-before-seen interview.
As a 21-year-old on the cusp of stardom, Elvis Presley recorded an interview on the set of Love Me Tender in which he spoke about love and loneliness.
Presley recorded the interview in 1956 – 4 years before the classic “Are You Lonesome Tonight” was released – but it has only just been uncovered.
“Am I in love? No, I thought I’d been in love, but I guess I wasn’t, it just passed over. I guess I haven’t met the girl yet,” he says.
“But I will, and I hope I won’t be too long, because I get lonesome sometimes.”
Presley added that he wanted to start a family one day so that he would no longer feel “alone right in the middle of a crowd”.
“Well I don’t smoke, and I don’t drink, and I love to go to movies,” he says. “Maybe someday I’m going to have a home and a family of my own.”
Elvis Presely married Priscilla Presley in 1967, with whom he had a daughter, Lisa Marie. They split in 1973.
Presley also talk about the dance moves which were hugely controversial in the 50s.
“I guess the first thing people want to know is why I can’t stand still when I’m singing. Some people tap their feet, some people snap their fingers, and some people just sway back and forth. I just sort of do ‘em all together I guess.”
The recordings are part of a box set called: The Young Man With The Big Beat which will be released on September 27.

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