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It is somewhat macabre, but Forbes list Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley as the highest earning (dead) celebrities.
In the past year, The King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson (RIP) has pulled in  $160 million for his his estate, and family while The King and general 50s rock icon Elvis Presley came second, with a smaller but impressive income of $55 in the past year.
Jackson pulls in his money from royalties from the sale of his own music, plus the rights to The Beatles’ back catalogue, which still pulls in large, as well as a couple of Cirque Du Soleil shows which use the Jackson name: “Immortal” and “One” which is performed at The Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Presley generates most of his cash from branded products, licensing deals (such as the income generated from Elvis Slot Machines) and tours of his Graceland home.
Incredibly, Jackson even out-earns the living stars, such as Madonna, (although she come close). Just Beat it, Madge!
Other high earners from beyond the grave are Bob Marley ($18m), John Lennon ($12m)
Jackson takes the No. 1 spot on the Forbes list from his life-long friend Elizabeth Taylor. The movie star, who sadly died in 2011, pulled  a $200 million fortune  in the 12 months to October 2012 thanks to a series of auctions at Christie’s of Taylor’s art, jewels and clothes. This year her earnings fell to around $25 million, landing her in 4th place.
Who is managing all this stuff? Their estates and families have been busy, I guess.
Lisa Marie Presley – the only child of Elvis Presley and Priscilla – helps out at her local chippy for a laugh (and to help her mates) serving up haddock and chips in her freind’s Mr. Chippy van.
The singer, now in her forties but looking as glamorous as ever, and her husband Michael Lockwood often serve customers from the van when it’s parked close to their £9million mansion in the leafy village of Rotherfield, East Sussex in England.
Justin and Kim Scales, who run the chippy and the King’s Arms pub, say they both love getting their hands on the fish and chips.
The four became mates after Lisa Marie and her hubby frequented the pub for a pint and a game of arrows after moving to Blighty a couple of years ago.
“When she’s down, she really fits in. There’s no big scene, everyone has got over it. She’s really bubbly.”
Lisa Marie moved to the UK 2 years ago to get away from ‘self-absorbed’ West Coasters.
One pub goer said: “It’s classic when you head out for a pint and see Elvis Presley’s daughter supping on a pint of The Black Stuff.
“Who would ever have thought that the daughter of the King of Rock ‘n Roll would be in to serving out fish and chips?
Lisa-Marie said: “When I moved to the UK  I was getting notes and flowers. That’s what I love about it. It’s simple, it’s not flash, it was what I needed.
“Plus I love the cold and the rain.”

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The 35th anniversary of the life and times of Elvis Presley continues in Memphis with the largest exhibition launching at Graceland in 2012.

“ICON: The Influence of Elvis Presley Presented by Fender” opened March 1, 2012 and will be open until February 2013.

Run by the Graceland archives team with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, this exhibition features 75 artifacts from the Cleveland museum, along with stuff from the collections of many of today’s biggest stars in music who have been influenced by Elvis.

You can check out Bono’s get up from U2’s Zooropa performances, Bob Dylan’s leather jacket from “Real Live,” a 1970s James Brown’s jumpsuit and vestand bits and pieces from superstars such as Elton John, Trisha Yearwood, Joan Jett, Wanda Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, The Beatles and Katy Perry.

And “Elvis on Tour” follows the 40th anniversary of the Golden Globe award-winning documentary of the same name. An in-depth look at Elvis’ tour. Take a look at the King’s Golden Globe award, jewelry and stage clothing worn by Elvis Presley live, plus rare shots and video footage.

Sounds great! We’re going!

He may have been the heartthrob for thousands of women around the world, but Elvis Presley suffered from loneliness as a young man, according to a never-before-seen interview.
As a 21-year-old on the cusp of stardom, Elvis Presley recorded an interview on the set of Love Me Tender in which he spoke about love and loneliness.
Presley recorded the interview in 1956 – 4 years before the classic “Are You Lonesome Tonight” was released – but it has only just been uncovered.
“Am I in love? No, I thought I’d been in love, but I guess I wasn’t, it just passed over. I guess I haven’t met the girl yet,” he says.
“But I will, and I hope I won’t be too long, because I get lonesome sometimes.”
Presley added that he wanted to start a family one day so that he would no longer feel “alone right in the middle of a crowd”.
“Well I don’t smoke, and I don’t drink, and I love to go to movies,” he says. “Maybe someday I’m going to have a home and a family of my own.”
Elvis Presely married Priscilla Presley in 1967, with whom he had a daughter, Lisa Marie. They split in 1973.
Presley also talk about the dance moves which were hugely controversial in the 50s.
“I guess the first thing people want to know is why I can’t stand still when I’m singing. Some people tap their feet, some people snap their fingers, and some people just sway back and forth. I just sort of do ‘em all together I guess.”
The recordings are part of a box set called: The Young Man With The Big Beat which will be released on September 27.

Elvis Presley is to be named an honorary citizen of Budapest (better late than never).

The King of Rock is to be given posthumous citizenship and a landmark in Hungary’s capital for supporting the 1956 uprising

The Hungarian capital has released plans to award the late singer, who died 34 years ago, with an honorary citizenship and a landmark in his name. The singer is being recognised for his support of the 1956 Hungarian revolution, which tries to overthrow the country’s Soviet government.
Despite the award, Budapest mayor István Tarlós admitted that he does not own a single Elvis album. The city has launched an poll, asking residents to vote for which local feature should be renamed after Presley. The lsit of 12 landmarks includes street corners, a spot near a shopping mall, and the Buda end of Margit bridge.
The Hungarians turned against their Soviet government in Oct. ´56. The movement was supressed just weeks later, but Presley congratulated the uprising in January 1957, on The Ed Sullivan Show. Aged 22, the singer then sang Peace in the Valley as a tribute to the Hungarians’ fight.

At Presley´s request, Sullivan asked the TV audience to donate to Hungarian relief efforts – which raised about 25m Swiss francs.