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Elvis Presley is to be named an honorary citizen of Budapest (better late than never).

The King of Rock is to be given posthumous citizenship and a landmark in Hungary’s capital for supporting the 1956 uprising

The Hungarian capital has released plans to award the late singer, who died 34 years ago, with an honorary citizenship and a landmark in his name. The singer is being recognised for his support of the 1956 Hungarian revolution, which tries to overthrow the country’s Soviet government.
Despite the award, Budapest mayor István Tarlós admitted that he does not own a single Elvis album. The city has launched an poll, asking residents to vote for which local feature should be renamed after Presley. The lsit of 12 landmarks includes street corners, a spot near a shopping mall, and the Buda end of Margit bridge.
The Hungarians turned against their Soviet government in Oct. ´56. The movement was supressed just weeks later, but Presley congratulated the uprising in January 1957, on The Ed Sullivan Show. Aged 22, the singer then sang Peace in the Valley as a tribute to the Hungarians’ fight.

At Presley´s request, Sullivan asked the TV audience to donate to Hungarian relief efforts – which raised about 25m Swiss francs.