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Is Elvis Alive?

There are quite a few conspiracy theories around these days- I am sure you have heard of many of them. Famous ones include the theory that men never landed on the moon in hte 60s- it was all a hoax the conspiracy theorists say. (snigger snigger).

The other big one concerns Elvis Presley of Elvis Slots and Jailhouse Rock fame.. Is he alive or dead?
Well, there have been many sighting of him since the 70s, but of course that means nothing.

There are alot of Elvis fans out there who, how shall we put it, are not just fans but are fanatical about their man. There’s now problem with that, but sometimes emotion can rule reason in these cases.

Following his death, over 500 Elvis fan clubs have sprung up in the USA alone. Pretty amazing. According to polls, over four fifths of Americans say that they have been touched by Elvis Presley in some form or other (and we don’t mean physically obviously). Elvis is still HUGE, and let’s not even get on to the rest of the planet.

Quite a big number of people believe that The King did not pass away in 1977, but went into hiding and is still alive to this day. There have been many claimed sightings, and some have even known to have got to know him well, in a variety of new personalities.

It’s not likely of course (although anything is possible), but in theory it could be true. He died pretty young, after all. If he were still alive, he would be in his 70s.

I bet no-one accuses him of “Dad Dancing” at weddings if he is still alive.

The odds of no-one spilling the beans over all that time, if he were still alive? Practically zero.

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  • Barry Jones says:

    Of course he is alive. He got sick of all the media attention in the 70s, fake his own death and has been living it up in Mexico ever since. Every now and then he goes incognito to Vegas in a white flashy suit. There are so many Elvis impersonators hanging around, no-one bats an eyelid